Learn from Leaders Like You

An Executive Peer Group includes twelve to fifteen High Center Members dedicated to helping each other reach their professional and personal goals.

Through Group involvement, members have the opportunity to learn from each other, share best practices, and apply what they learn to their own business and personal lives. Group Members form deep bonds that allow for the kinds of self-revelation and personal growth that can only be achieved through the dynamics of supportive Group interaction. Groups are structured so that individuals from the same company cannot be in the same Group and competitors are never placed together.


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Group Facilitators

A Facilitator is a High Center staff member, Executive in Residence, and/or experienced professional that attends the Group meeting to provide possible insights, alternatives and shared experiences that may assist the member in their learning and issue resolution process.

The Peer Group Experience


Each Member participating in an Executive Group will have a thorough understanding of the meeting protocol, and the commitment and confidentiality required, in order to achieve a well-functioning Group.


Each Member must make the Group a priority. Show up on time, minimize outside distractions, and be there physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Each Group has a Facilitator who provides direction, keeps the meetings on track and helps the Group to follow protocol. However, everyone in the Group is responsible for the success of the Group.


What is discussed in the Group is not to be discussed outside of the Group – PERIOD!


Members are willing to share their own thoughts and feelings.


Each Group must be free of conflicts of interest and have some diversity.


Everyone in the Group commits to attending every meeting, barring an emergency.


Vital to successful interaction is a willingness to view others’ situations from their perspectives; an ability to put aside judgment and criticism.

Group Census

A list of all Groups and their Members will be on file with the Executive Director to facilitate placement of new Members into open Group slots. The Group Membership Directory will be maintained by the High Center.

Group Expectations

All new Group Members will be have an orientation session with a member of the High Center staff. The Group will be encouraged to accept new Member candidates and maintain a Group count of twelve to fifteen Members. It can take up to two years for a new Group to reach ideal capacity of twelve to fifteen Members.