Plan Your Legacy

Our Best Practice survey ensures the family is strategically aligned and communicating effectively.

Strategic planning also helps identify opportunities to improve the company’s business, ownership and family governance practices. To help develop your strategic plan, we survey shareholders, future shareholders and key executives. The Center will debrief shareholders and executives and key executives on how to interpret this report, and conduct a private meeting to discuss findings.


“I am getting tremendous value from the Center. I have even brought in several members.”

Justin McClure

President, Daflure Heating and Cooling

“Being involved in a peer group has definitely delivered. I’ve also gained valuable business connections through my group. They’ve helped me see what I’m good at and what I can do better. The breakfast meetings, annual forum, and IBIS report have all been quite helpful in keeping fresh ideas flowing.”

John Esh

Joyland Roofing

“I am in a peer group. The advice I have received in it has been used to make measurable, significant improvements to my company.”

Seth Weaver

Weaver’s of Wellsville

“From the moment we engaged with the High Center whether it be a speaker series, my Peer Group, or gleaning guidance from one of the experienced leaders on the High Center team, the relationship has proven to be well worth the cost of being a member.”

Will Rothenberger

Bomberger’s Store

“My peer group has been invaluable to me. They have guided me through assuming ownership of the business, maneuvering the pandemic, daily operations, and now implementing strategic growth initiatives for the future. Their insights and varied perspectives ensure I consider all options. They have connected me with great people and resources for our business.”

Hope Roadcap

Phillips Workplace Interiors

“The knowledge we have gained from the Leadership Speaker Series and our involvement in the Executive Peer Groups has been extremely instrumental in how we now manage the business to not only avoid those dangerous rocks but to use best practices for excelling in the future.”

Steve Vogel

Conestoga Tile