About the High Center

The Center respects the privacy of our members, and provides a safe-haven environment. Members and presenters agree not to solicit other members. Names, addresses, and contact information are strictly confidential and are to be used only for member-to-member communications.


In 1995, a group of business people, family business owners, and representatives of Elizabethtown College, came together to fill a recognized need. With family businesses comprising the backbone of our economy, strengthening entrepreneurial families has a great impact on the community. The S. Dale High Center for Family Business has always been dedicated to bringing the best available resources to families in businesses for south central Pennsylvania and beyond.

Today, the S. Dale High Center for Family Business is proud to be one of the largest and oldest centers in the country.

Founder Dale High and Founding Director Mary Beth Matteo.
Executive Director Mike Mitchell

Our Growth

Today, the High Center serves over 130 member companies, facilitates 20 CEO and Key Executive Peer groups. Under the leadership of Executive Director Mike Mitchell and Director of Member Services Len Kopec, the center has continued to build on the founding principles Dale High set forth 25 years ago. By serving and strengthening family and privately held businesses through succession planning, leadership training and legacy building, the High Center is now able to provide membership opportunities for all of South Central Pennsylvania.

With the enthusiastic support of our corporate partners, the center is proudly delivering the top business speakers in the country to share their message to local business owners and executive teams. And with the continued expansion of services into new markets, our peer group program is helping more than 200 executives gain a competitive edge in today’s competitive business environment.

Our Mission

Serving and strengthening privately-held and family-owned businesses through succession planning, executive leadership training and legacy building.

Facts About Business


“I am getting tremendous value from the Center. I have even brought in several members.”

Justin McClure

President, Daflure Heating and Cooling

Leadership Speaker Series: “It was a great experience having four of the five shareholders attending this program. I know we all walked away with a list of action items.”

John Gooding

Chairman, The Gooding Group Companies

Best Practice Surveys: “This was a great exercise. It allowed us to see specific areas of improvement that should help to engage the next generation of family members in shaping the direction of the company and defining their future roles in the business.

Fred Craft

Senior Vice President, Engineering & Design, James Craft & Son

Leadership Speaker Series: “The High Center has been very successful in finding presenters that meet the needs and objectives of its members”.

Greg High

Founder & President, GH Family Business Consulting, LLC

Executive Peer Groups: “We look at the peer groups as very educational for us and our business. We usually learn much more than we can offer at times. The peer group is a great added service the High Center offers.”

Joe Legenstein

Vice President of Cleaning Operations, Certified Carpet