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Thursday, September 24, 2015
(KÁV) Koons Activity Venue located in Brossman Commons, Elizabethtown College
7:30 am - 11:00 am

Rene is the founder and CEO of Volentum, an enterprise education and consulting company specializing in the application of the latest brain research combined with over 30 years of experience to the areas of Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Sales Training and Professional Influence. Volentum delivers practical ways for individuals and groups to grow and renew themselves even as they engage and profit from recurring change.

A recent venture lead Rene to become CEO of MortgageDashboard, one of the U.S. home finance industry’s leading mortgage technology firms. His unique methodology and approach to leadership and team-building have been indispensable to MortgageDashboard as it has innovated through the recent economic downturn.

Prior to Volentum, Rene was CEO of Rapid Change, a consulting firm that trained over 50,000 people and whose training and tools were named a Best Practice in three Fortune 250 companies, and Chief Learning Officer, founder and former Dean of the Corporate University for a national mortgage bank.

Rene has been a trusted advisor to leadership teams at Coca-Cola, Liz Claiborne, Daimler Chrysler, FORD, Microsoft, ABN AMRO and Loan Tool Box. He has been a featured speaker at the Microsoft Annual Convergence Conference, the Presidents Network and the Business Plan 2008 Conference in Las Vegas. He was featured in UpSize Business Magazine and has been cited in several newspaper and magazine articles about change. He is a renowned behavioral and organizational change expert, leadership coach, world class sales trainer & dynamic keynote speaker. He can be reached at rene@volentum.com .

A captivating, high-energy speaker, Rene is in high demand for annual events, conventions, and keynotes speeches.


7:30 am - 11:00 am


(KÁV) Koons Activity Venue located in Brossman Commons, Elizabethtown College