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Lois Dostalik

Lois Dostalik

CEO and Chief Strategist, E4 Strategic Consultancy

Lois Dostalik has more than 25 years of consulting and management experience in the public and private sectors working with associations, healthcare/long-term care, manufacturing, and service organizations with as many as 55,000 employees or as few as 100. More than 85% of clients who receive consulting assistance from E4 Strategic Consultancy retain the firm to help with implementation, updates, and other organizational needs. Lois in the past served as Director of the Office of Communications for the PA Department of Commerce, and also as the Executive Assistant to the Secretary of the PA Department of Transportation. Prior to holding that position, she was Press Secretary for PennDOT.

Consulting & Management
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All High Center team members also are available for consulting with member businesses on needs specific to their family business.